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Doug DeHaan Talks About His 2002 Plans


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Hi fans, Iím back in the main land and last weekend I raced in the Toronto Arenacross Friday night.As I was passing for the lead in my qualifier I tweaked my shoulder a little.This is the shoulder I hurt last year and I'm really worried about having that injury come back to haunt me this year so I took the rest of the weekend off to ensure no damage to my shoulder.


Many people have ask me about this years deals and things are looking better for DeHaan Racing.Iím considering Yamahaís for Canada since Damon Bradshaw was thinking about coming to Canada but now itís out of the question with his broken leg.There is still a possibility that I will be on a 450 Honda but nothing is set in stone. I have been talking to a dealership from the east coast about this and things look very positive.I'll let you know as ASAP when things are in writing.


Thanks for stopping by race sight and support me during my racing career.


Doug DeHaan


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