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Doug DeHaan Checks In After Larocco's Leap Get Off




We’ll everyone I really wanted to check in this week to let those Red Bud fans how much I appreciated their support.  Right now I’m just recuperating after the weekend.  I have a bruised heel and sore shoulder.


That Larocco’s Leap crash was a hard get off for sure.  I felt like I was just getting into a grove during the moto and then the big case on Larocco's leap and I ended up going over the bars and hitting the dirt really hard!


After my head cleared a bit, I checked myself over and thought that I could keep going.  I was kind of sore but it was cool to hit the jump again and it was really cool to have the fans cheering me on each lap!


I would really like to thank the fans for all the cheers, and the emails.  It keeps me pushing on to each event!





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