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Doug DeHann Review Of His European Tour So Far


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Hi fans, I'm finally back home after my seven-week adventure in Europe. The series has been going really for me. The last weekend in Munich I had my best night so far. I won my heat race then I won my final half (which is another qualifier just a little tougher) and finished second in the main event. I moved up to 5th in the standings but after the next two nights I was back to 7th.I had a few problems in the mains ending up 9th both times. It was a long three days of racing. There are still five more nights left in the series, which are the second and third weekends in January. Itís far from over! These races are really crazy as there are a lot of crashes and you can win one night then not qualify the next.Itís been fun but itís also good to be home for Christmas. I'm trying to finalize my plans for next season and I'll post on the web site as soon as they are confirmed.

I'll talk to ya later.


Doug DeHaan


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