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Doug DeHaan Riding Well In Europe


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Top Canadian rider Doug DeHaan is progressing through his European Race schedule and his results are continually improving.  With Doug in Europe communication is difficult and a computer is sometimes tough to track down but VRM thanks Doug’s dad; David DeHaan on keeping the motocross community up to date on Doug.


Doug’s first race was in Stuttgart, Germany November 9th and 10th.  On November 9th Doug finished 6th in the main event and on November 10th Doug ended up 8th in the main event.  Good start to the overseas trip.


The next race was the following weekend and the race was a three-moto format.  Doug started sluggishly the first two nights (8th, 14th) but on the third night he came back to holeshot the main event and finish 2nd! This gave Doug a 8th overall for the weekend. 


This weekend Doug will head to Athens Greece for another Supercross event.  After this weekend Doug will have three or four more races and then finally back to London, Ontario (home sweet home), talk about ringing up those frequent flyer miles.


Doug is currently in a fairly good position in the series and with his consistent finishes he’s sitting pretty to make his strike on the riders in front of him.  The encouraging thing is that the other top riders results have had widely varying results.


With DeHaan’s connections in Europe he’s been able to land practice time at a few indoor facilities and of course some gym time.  Doug has been fighting a rough cold (like most of us at this time of year) probably caused by the intense travel schedule and time zone changes (your body gets run down).


Doug will finish the German series with two races in the beginning of January and then he’ll return home and begin the EA Sports Supercross series.


For the 2002 series in the USA and Canada Doug hasn’t finalized his deals but will be looking to finish his plans when he returns from Europe.


* Note – Doug still has some of his Official web site t-shirts available through his web site.  What better way to support a rider than wearing his t-shirt.   Feel free to click on the merchandise link and get yours today before the holidays.


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