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Doug DeHaan Recaps His 2006 Amp'd Mobile Supercross Season




A quick recap on the 2006 Amp’d Mobile Supercross Series season so up to this point there has been a lot of close opportunities, which resulted in just missing the main.  Unfortunately that has been the story of the year for me.


I should’ve had more main events but I tossed a couple away that where pretty much a done deal.  San Diego has to be the stand out low light heart breaker for me this season. 


Rounds in which I made the main events were:

Toronto – 10th

Vancouver – 16th

San Francisco – 15th

Houston – 18th


I would’ve loved to be in more main events but on the bright side I fell the level I’m riding at is very solid. I definitely stepped it up from last year and I really feel comfortable on the track.


At this time I’m sitting in 16th right now for the world points. I can improve that a couple positions with a strong finish to the series.



Next will be the US Outdoor Nationals.  Needless to say I’m really looking forward to spending the entire summer racing in the USA.



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