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Doug DeHaan Recaps His Round Three at Regina


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Canadian National number 5 Doug DeHaan recapped his weekend at Regina in round three of the Canadian Nationals. “My knee is feeling better but still not 100%. During the first moto I had a mid pack start around 12th. The race went pretty steady without any highlights until I got behind that big 4-stroke of Marco Dube when I was riding in 7th. He was roosting the heck out of me so I went to a line in which I would cut outside in and I caught a rut on this fast sweeper and high sided. I was pitched every which way but I wasn’t injured. I remounted and finished 13th.


In moto two I had a worse start somewhere around 15th. I had a good charge during this moto and worked my way to eighth place with a minor battle with Smail. Then next group of riders was just a little ways in front of me, which I couldn’t catch. The funny thing about this race was being roosted by that 4-stroke again!


This week I will spend 3 days riding at local private tracks and 2 days working out. I will be spending a little more time on starts this week, as I haven’t had the results I desire in this area.


Thanks for visiting my web site,


Doug DeHaan


Note - In a couple of weeks the Doug DeHaan's official t-shirt will be available. Doug and VRM hope you become an official support of Doug’s racing career.


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