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Doug DeHaan Reviews His Ride at the Wastelands


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Team Blackfoot Honda rider Doug DeHaan took round one of the Canadian Nationals in stride with his moto finishes not reflecting what he desired.  Doug ran well in the first moto considering the conditions and his first moto holeshot.  “I was running eighth and my vision was severely impaired.  On the last lap I tripled into the whoops and attempted to triple again as usual when a mistake threw me over the bars.  Unfortunately I was hung up on the bike and it flipped over on top of me bending my bad knee back over my back.  The bike punished me and my knee was quite sore.  I was able to remount and finish 15th.”


“In the second moto my spark plug fouled on the starting line but we were able to replace the bike and my mechanic got the bike refired.  The reason I mentioned this is because my knee was so sore I couldn’t start the bike.  It was very muddy the second moto and my knee didn’t feel good and I slid out when I was running around 18th.  I got up but couldn’t start my bike and had to call it a day.”


“This week I’ll be working with my physical therapist to get my knee in better shape for the race this weekend at Blackfoot Motosports Park.


Talk to you later,”


Doug DeHaan


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