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Getting to Know Doug DeHaan


Recapped By: Racer X PR


Story Written by: Billy Ursic

Publication: www.RACERXILL.com

Original Publication 4/02/2004 by Racer X.

Courtesy of Racer X.


On deck this week for the privateer profile is Doug Dehaan, a 27-year-old rider from Ontario, Canada. Doug has been racing since he was 12 years old, and just recently has been riding for Team MotosportOutlet.com, a Honda support team based out of Eugene, OR. Doug has been a fill-in for the team, so after this weekend's supercross in Pontiac, MI, he will be back on his Blair Morgan-sponsored Yamahas, in preparation for the upcoming Canadian nationals. You can show Doug and his sponsors some support by clicking on the logos/links at the bottom of the page, or visit his website at www.dougdehaan.com.

Racer X: Doug, what's up?
Doug Dehaan: I'm actually sitting in an airport right now. I'm going to catch a flight to Pontiac in about 20 minutes. That has definitely been a perk of riding for the Motosport Outlet team. Since I've been riding for those guys, I don't have to drive everywhere, so that's been cool. I've just been staying down in Florida riding and training during the week, and now I can just fly out on the weekends, instead of driving my own stuff there.

Where are you staying in Florida?
I'm staying near Panama City with the Thompson family that I know from Canada, and it's been great. I've been doing quite a bit of riding over at Millsaps' during the week, so that's been good, too.

But your official home is in Canada, right?
Yeah, it's in Ontario, Canada. Actually, it's pretty close to Pontiac - about two hours away.

So it's sort of your homecoming race. Are you going to have some family coming down?
Yes, some family and friends, for sure. It's the closest I get to home, pretty much all winter.

You've been contesting the 125cc Eastern Region supercross series aboard a MotosportOutlet.com-backed CRF250. How has that been going for you?
It's been going pretty good. It's my first time riding a 250F, ever, and I kind of just jumped on it in the Friday practice at Houston for the first time. I've been riding the 250cc class for the past few years, so I've still been adapting to riding the 250F on the SX-style tracks. But I think it's going really well - the team is good, and I've been having a good time.

So far you qualified for three 125cc East Coast mains. What happened at the other rounds?
The other ones, I just didn't feel that comfortable out there. You know, I didn't really get the greatest starts either, and that's pretty much what you need in that class. A couple weekends I just felt off, and instead of going out and just crashing myself out, I just kind of backed it down a little bit, because I'm still down here to train and prepare for the Canadian season, so I don't need any injuries right now.

Which is more important to you: racing Supercross here in the States, or the Canadian nationals?
Well, a lot of my sponsors are from Canada, and the Canadian nationals during the summer keep me going, basically. I love racing in the U.S., and that's the series that is most important to me, but it hasn't always worked out for me. You know, I haven't always had the best deals or setup to race here in the States.

When do the Canadian nationals begin?
They go from June until the end of August. It's a pretty short season, but I run their stuff pretty much all year long. I have my Yamahas down here with me in Florida, and I'm riding for Blair Morgan Yamaha up there in Canada. They set me up with bikes in the winter, even though I'm not going to be racing for them until summer.

For the past few years, you've also been racing the German SX series. Can you tell us a little bit about that?
That's been going really well. I've been going over there for the full SX season for the past three years in a row now, and it has turned into a good series for me over there. Right through the off-season, it's a mix between arenacross and supercross, and I have a really good Honda team that I ride for over there, and it's just a great deal for me. I've been doing well too, so that makes it just that much more fun.

Are you planning on racing that series again next winter?
It all depends. If I can get something set up to ride the U.S. supercross series, that's what I would really like to do. If I don't get anything set up, then I pretty much have to go back to Germany, because it's such a good deal for me. But I'm hoping to get on a team a little earlier. Like this year, I was kind of a replacement for the Outlet team, so I'm hoping I can get on a team full-time for next year.

During the Canadian nationals, if there is a weekend off, are you going to race any U.S. nationals?
Actually, our Canadian Yamaha team is doing the first two rounds in Sacramento and Mt. Morris, and then maybe Red Bud in the summer, and the last one or two.

Who is going to be your main competition in Canada this season?
Well, I think Damon Huffman is going to be racing up there again, and Jean-Sebastien Roy, Blair Morgan, Darcy Lange, Marco Dube, and probably quite a few more Americans.

In your opinion, who is the fastest motocross rider to ever come out of Canada?
I'd have to say Jean-Sebastian Roy.

What is the toughest part of motocross racing?
Well, I think it's just a pretty long year. Being on a good pace week-in, week-out, it's tough.

What is your ultimate goal?
To win the Canadian championship, and to get a full deal to ride the entire Supercross series in the U.S. I want to do well and be in contention.

You've had quite a few national numbers here in the States. What was your lowest number?
It was #74 - I had that number for two years in a row. And that was only from riding a few supercrosses each year.

Who would you like to thank, Doug?
I really want to thank the MotosportOutlet.com team for giving me the opportunity this year, and Blair Morgan Yamaha for supporting me for the upcoming Canadian nationals.

Thanks, Doug, and good luck.
Thanks, Billy!



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