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Doug DeHaan Tackles the Gnarly Daytona SX Track


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Hello everyone I finally have something positive to report on the Daytona Supercross after a tough couple week of not qualifying for the main event. In Florida I put my motosports outlet CRF250 back in the main where it belongs!


I had a good week prior to the event practicing with my teammates Lacey and Anderson, and when practice rolled around I felt good right away on the Daytona track. The pre qualifiers turned out to be more difficult for me after a problem on the start. I ended up block passing a guy for the 5th and final transfer in the last corner before the finish.


The nighttime heat went pretty well, I took the ninth and final transfer once again but this time it wasn't as exciting.


In the main event I was running about mid pack on the first lap when I tangled and went down with another rider. The shift lever was bent really badly in the crash, which made it tough to change gears for the rest of the race.


I finished 16th. Once again it was the typical gnarly Daytona track with most sections of the track really punishing your body. I have to say I was happy to see the white flag.


Talk to your later,



Doug DeHaan



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