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Victory is Sweet for DeHaan in the German SX Cup at Stuttgart


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Well some races have really come together for me and it feels much better talking about victories than how I ate dirt.Since Montreal, were I finished 5th, I have just been practicing and staying in shape for 2004.


I was planning on continuing this routine until I got a last minute call to take JSR' s (Jean-Sebastien Royís) spot in Paris for a Supercross race.The net result of this trip was that it turned out to be just a practice weekend because the stock 03 CR 125 and myself did not get along at all. It wasnít yet up to part against all the factory bikes and four strokes but it was good practice for me.


Last weekend was the first round of the German SX cup and it went very well for me!†† The first day I qualified well but didn't get the best start in the main event.After a few laps things started happening and many riders began making mistakes and I was able to better my position as the race lengthened.I continued to move up and closed in on the leader Marko Kovelinen with a couple laps remaining.I pulled beside him with a corner to go but he had the inside and he nudged me out by .27 of a second at the checkers!!!!


The Saturday night qualifying didn't go as well as Fridays.This meant I had to line up on the outside of the start for the main. I got off the line really well considering my gate position and I just played it cool for the first half of the race and then started to make a push for the lead.


The other riders made it easy which usually isnít the case as there were a lot of mistakes (carnage). I really thought I was in second again until I looked up at the scoreboard going on to the last lap and I saw my name on top!!!†††† It honestly was the easiest race of the night for me and I didn't feel tired or anything (I guess thatís what winning does).I worked so hard in the qualifiers that the main came easy for me!!!


So thatís it for now.Just need to have a few more races like that and the championship will be mine this year!


Talk to you later,





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