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Rough Ride at Pontiac Leads to Gas Card for DeHaan


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Well everyone there was not a whole lot too say about the Pontiac Supercross race.I felt like I was riding a decent pace all night as the obstacles I was doing kept me very competitive. During the evening I had some descent battles with a few guys, especially in the heat race.


In the semi I had a great start!Unfortunately in the second turn someone jumped on me (I been told #81 which I think is Brian Mason) and took me out.As I laid there on the track the whole pack of riders where charging at me and I did everything I could not to get run over.I was definitely at the mercy of any on coming riders.After getting up and riding out the race all I could do is get ready for the LCQ.


In the LCQ I got about a 6th or 7th place start worked up to third.There just wasnít enough time to catch up to a transfer spot.Thatís about it.At least I got the gas card!


See you in Dallas,







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