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Doug DeHaan Hits His First Main at Daytona and Then Suffers


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Well everyone Daytona went pretty well for me. In the main event I started out running top 15 and then had one close call that put me off the track and I lost a couple positions. I battled with the original iron main “Jason Thomas” for a long time and passed Joe Oehllof going into the last lap.  I made the main with my Honda CRF450 and I was happy and now I’m looking to continue to build that momentum at St. Louis for LamontRacing.com.


If the race goes well something bad also has to happen.  After the race had a very bad experience....  we went out for dinner and got some food poisoning. I was sick all night and my mechanic Dave was sick too...  It took a couple days to shake that off but I’m feeling good now.


Just been riding in Florida the last couple days and getting ready for St. Louis.


See you there,





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