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Wild Racing in the Czech Republic for Doug DeHaan


Recapped By: Carl Hein


I had an all right weekend in Czech Republic. On Saturday night I finished fourth and then I followed that up with a third place on Sunday.


It was wild on Sunday.The official red flagged the main event because a Czech rider had fallen in the whoops. The strange thing was he wasn't even hurt because he jumped right back up, got on his bike and was on the line for the restart. This story gets better.On the restart there was the biggest first corner crash I can remember! Nine out of twelve riders were on the ground but lucky for me I was one of the guys still on the bike.There was some serious carnage, bikes and riders everywhere! Keith Johnson broke his finger but no major injuries.


Anyways, Iím on my way home and plan on racing the Toronto Arenacross this weekend!


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