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Doug DeHaan Finishes 2nd Overall in the German SX Series


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Here is the low down on what happened this weekend in Kiel. Saturday was the day that cost me a chance at winning the title.In the qualifying race, while trying to pass Michael Brandes we tangled going up the finish line jump. I flew off the side into the whoop section and the hay bales. Somehow I didn't crash but I had to go into the LCQ with the last pick on the gate....bad start- bad finish = no points


On Sunday I was back on track with good Qualifiers and a 2nd place finish in the main. I battled the Aussie Metcalf for a good part of the main.Unfortunately I finished ten points out of the lead in the series, which hurts really bad...


Just trying to look at the bright side of things, I was on the podium every weekend and 2nd place was a very nice paycheck. Finishing second was a choice between some little French car or cash.... and of course I took the cash...


Thatís what went down now itís onto the Czech Republic this weekend and then I head home.


Talk to you later and thanks everyone for stopping by the web site.



Doug DeHaan



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