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Doug Recaps Year 2000 Canadian Nationals


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Year 2000 didn't turn out exactly as Doug had planned.  Prior to the year Doug was eyeing that Ford pick up truck which was to be given to the 250cc points winner.   After talking to Doug his situation this year was many uncontrollable accidents and a couple of bike failures which caused him to finish fifth in the 250cc points, lower than he expected.  Doug recaps of a few situations where he was often in front in the holeshot and seemed to get tangled with other riders in which other top riders didn't.  Doug also pointed out a few crashes which weren't his fault but as the law says, just being there means you were a cause of the accident.  Doug mentioned being t-boned during a moto, a holeshot situation where he was pushed into sand which was like driving through a mud bog and one time when he hit his head and couldn't finish the moto.


The 125cc class Doug did finish the series in second place but towards the end of the year the two moto format caught up to him on his quest for the 250 title.  The two moto format did build his endurance which he will use in his final two AMA USA National Outdoor series.


Even though things didn't go as planned this year speaking with Doug he was very upbeat with the remainder of the year and with the Blackfoot program.  Doug mentioned Blackfoot is very organized and professional.  He couldn't see asking anything more from a team. 


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Doug DeHaan



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