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Doug DeHaan's German SX Series Update & More


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Canadian rider Doug DeHaan a regular in the Canadian Nationals, US SX series and occasional participant in US MX series is in Europe getting acquainted with SX again prior to coming back for the THQ US SX series.


Doug has this to say from Europe, ďI just raced the first round of the German SX cup. It went really well for me; on Friday night I finished a close second to Casey Johnson. I didnít think that was too bad for the first race back since shoulder surgery two months ago.


The Saturday night event I got taken out in the first turn and finished tenth. I'm sitting in fifth in the standings right now.


This weekend I will be racing in Gent, Belgium, which is not part of the series German SX cup.


Feel free to visit the site as Iíll keep you updated on this European adventure".



Doug DeHaan




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