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Doug's Avoids Major Injury on an Extreme Get Off at Anaheim


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Many Doug DeHaan fans have been wondering what happened to him during round one of the EA Sports Supercross Series.  Doug, a normal qualifier for the main events last year expect to be there again this year in the first event of the year but a banged up DeHaan was lucky to be riding or even at the track.

On Friday's practice Doug had on of those get offs which nobody likes to see.  Here's how it went down.  Anaheim had a triple into a corner and the a right hand turn and another triple out of the corner.  This is typically not a problem for Doug accept if your front sprocket comes off in mid air.  During mid air of the second jump the front sprocket of Doug's CR250R came off and jammed the drive system which meant Doug was force to bail the triple in mid air.   This might remind you off the Mickael Pichon incident a few years back.

Doug was pretty bang up as one would expect.  Will visiting Doug he had more scrapes than a person who fell into a rose bush, had an ice pack on his shoulder and had his wrist heavily taped.  Friday night Doug visited the hospital only to pass his teammates James Povolny Jr. (ready about on James web site) on the way out.

The doctors found no broken bones so as a true Motocrossers would Doug saddled it up on Saturday and race at much less than 100%.   VRM noticed Doug's wrist and shoulder affected him greatly, especially in the whoops.

Doug took the injury in stride as he knew it could've been much worse.  Doug said watch out when he's recovered.   He said to his fans "stop by the rig and I'll be happy to supply you with an Official Web Site sticker".



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