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Another Memorable Ride For Doug DeHaan at Binghamton


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Canadian rider Doug DeHaan brought his show south of the border like fellow Canadians Jean-Sebastien Roy and Blair Morgan, unfortunately Doug’s day didn’t go as well as his fellow Canadians.


Riding aboard his Honda CR450F Doug never got on track starting with moto one.  Doug explains, “Moto one I was running mid pack when I started to have mechanical problems.  My bike starting cutting out on acceleration and would run once I left the gas off.  I did have a hole in the pipe from an early moto collision but that didn’t appear to be the problem.  My mechanic was kept very busy between motos trying to troubleshoot and fix the problem which we believe was cured after trying new reeds, pipes, ignitions, etc.  We thought somehow water got into the gas or engine.  Yes, water will make your bike running quite poorly.”


“Moto two I was running around 20th.  Nathan Ramsey was coming through the pack and I had a nice mini battle with him prior to a major dismount.  Around half way through the race I came into a section where you double into a corner alongside the roadway and as I landed I had no rear brake.  I proceed to blow the berm and crash into a camera stand.  My ankle was pinched during the wreck but overall I’m OK.  I wonder if it shocked the cameraman as much as me?  Obviously I finished closed to last as I didn’t continue after this.”


“Currently I’m still debating on Steel City because of my ankle but it feels much better.  We’ll see how it bounces back late this week.”


Doug DeHaan


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