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DeHaan's Regina Update & A Possible Change In Machinery


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Team Diablo Honda rider Doug DeHaan has moved up to fourth in the Canadian 250cc Nationals after a solid 5th place ride last weekend at Regina.ďLast weekend wasnít good and it wasnít bad for me.I didnít feel I rode well but yet I didnít feel I rode poorly.Just an uneventful race.On the bright side Iím currently one point behind Lance Smail for third place in the 250cc National standings.Right now my sights are on third as JSR and Blair have been riding awesome and they are tough to beat right now.Ē


Doug has been riding a Honda CR450F through the series up to this point and a change in bikes looks to be on the horizon.Doug said, ďA 450 is an advantage in the start but towards the end of motos I donít have that extra gear to keep pushing.†† Iím currently getting a Honda CR250 set up for testing which could be my bike of choice for the remaining nationals.Ē


Youíll see Doug this week at a race in Quebec and then he mentioned that he would be attending the July 21st race at Unadilla.


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