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Doug DeHaan Getting On Track For The Canadian Nationals.


Recapped By: Carl Hein


Canadian rider Doug DeHaan returned to action at Mt. Morris for round three of the AMA outdoor nationals.  Doug was riding a Honda CR450F for Diablo Honda and was using the race to get himself prepared for the Canadian Nationals.  Doug has been injured quite a bit of late and is glad to be back and racing at 100% again.


Doug said, “This weekend went pretty good.  I had to go through day qualifiers and was running 4th when I stalled my bike and I couldn’t get it started.  This sent me to the LCQ to get into Sunday’s program that obviously is a do or die situation.  Fortunately I holeshotted and won the moto and was able to get ready for Sunday’s race.”


“In moto one I had a terrible gate pick and managed around a 38th place start (frustrating).  Anyhow, I finished 25th but didn’t feel I rode that well.  In moto two I was five foot out of the gate when a guy next to me went squirrelly and slammed my handlebars, which resulted in a stellar 39th position for the holeshot.  I felt much better this moto and work up to 21st and was closing in on 19th and 20th at the end of the moto.  It was good to race Mt. Morris as I realize we need a little more work on the suspension prior to the outdoor nationals.”


Doug mentioned he would be riding the Honda CR450F in the Canadian nationals along with his teammate Marco Dube and thought it would be an advantage.  “All the tracks this year are going to be hard packed and I think it will work to the CR450F’s advantage.”


Doug’s immediate plans are “I will be heading to Camloops, BC (?) to ride with Blair Morgen and work with my trainer prior to the June 15th race at Vancouver Island.  This will help me in getting shape against the top contender like Roy, Morgan, and Lange.  My shoulder feels 100% even though I wear and neoprene brace.  Talk to you soon.”



Doug DeHaan


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