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Date Title
7/7/2007 Doug DeHaan Checks In After Larocco's Leap Get Off
5/18/2007 Doug DeHaan Getting Ready for the 2007 AMA Outdoor Nationals
4/1/2007 Catching Up With Doug Dehaan - Audio
2/25/2007 Doug DeHaan Sore After Atlanta Heat Race Crash
9/8/2006 Doug DeHaan Recaps His 2006 MX Season and More - Audio
7/26/2006 Doug DeHaan Wins WWR Most Improved Award - Lakewood, CO
4/8/2006 Doug DeHaan Will Be Racing the AMA Outdoor Nationals in 2006
4/7/2006 Doug DeHaan Recaps His 2006 Amp'd Mobile Supercross Season
1/12/2006 Doug Dehaan Quick Update from Anaheim #1
7/23/2005 Doug DeHaan's Red Bud Experience - Audio
7/12/2005 Doug DeHaan Recaps his 2005 Canadian Races and his 125ccc West Coast Championship Quest - Audio
4/7/2005 Doug DeHaan Struggles in the Whoops at Dallas - Heads to his 'Home Town' SX Race in Pontiac, MI
3/11/2005 Doug DeHaan Riding For Yamaha in the 2005 Canadian Nationals - Audio
3/10/2005 Doug DeHaan Talks about his 05 SX Season & More - Audio
2/10/2005 BBMX's Doug DeHaan Gets Racer X Gas Card
2/9/2005 Doug DeHaan Get's Some Podium Time at Anaheim Receiving the Gas Card
1/12/2005 Injury Slows DeHaan in Germany SX
12/9/2004 Doug DeHaan Will Be Riding 05 SX with ButlerBrothersMX
11/16/2004 DeHaan Wins SX in Stuttgart Germany
11/15/2004 Doug DeHaan's Update From Europe / Germany
7/16/2004 Doug DeHaan Recaps His First Three 2004 Canadian Nationals - Audio
7/12/2004 Doug DeHaan Talking About The Red Bud Track & More - Audio
6/25/2004 Doug DeHaan Riding Well in the Early Rounds of the 2004 Canadian Nationals
6/3/2004 DeHaan Racks Up More AMA National Outdoor Points Prior to the Canadian Nationals
5/24/2004 Doug DeHaan Fares OK in his Yamaha Debut in 2004 at Hangtown
4/14/2004 DeHaan to Skip the Dallas, TX Supercross
4/11/2004 Doug DeHaan Riding Strong at the End of the 125 East SX Season
4/6/2004 Getting to Know Doug DeHaan
3/7/2004 Doug DeHaan Tackles the Gnarly Daytona SX Track
2/13/2004 Doug DeHaan To Ride for Motosports Outlet in 2004 125cc SX Series
1/15/2004 Doug DeHaan Finishes Germany SX Series in 3rd & More
12/23/2003 Europe Spells Success for Doug DeHaan in 2003.
12/15/2003 10th Place by Doug DeHaan at Arnhem, Holland - Continues Lastest Success
11/19/2003 Victory is Sweet for DeHaan in the German SX Cup at Stuttgart
9/29/2003 Doug DeHaan Takes 5th and Top Canadian Honors at the Montreal SX
9/4/2003 DeHaan Has a Difficult Day at Steel City
8/27/2003 DeHaan Heads South for the Final Two Rounds of the US MX Nationals
7/30/2003 DeHaan Guts Out Motos at Round 5 of the Canadian Nationals
7/10/2003 One Good - One Bad Moto for Doug DeHaan at Regina, SK
6/26/2003 DeHaan Looking Forwards To Calgary This Weekend
6/21/2003 Doug DeHaan Kicks Off His 2003 Canadian Nationals With a 7th Overall
6/14/2003 Doug DeHaan Completes Tough Day at Southwick, Canadian Nationals are Next
5/17/2003 Doug DeHaan Kicks Off His Outdoor Season at Glen Helen
4/29/2003 Doug DeHaan Rides Well in Salt Lake City, Utah
4/21/2003 Doug DeHaan Rides Through Injury at Dallas & More
4/9/2003 Rough Ride at Pontiac Leads to Gas Card for DeHaan
4/1/2003 Doug DeHaan Steadily Improving
3/25/2003 Doug DeHaan of LamontRacing.com Talking About Daytona & More - Audio
3/18/2003 Doug DeHaan Continues SX Tour
3/17/2003 Doug DeHaan Hits His First Main at Daytona and Then Suffers
2/18/2003 Doug DeHaan Joins LamontRacing.com for Supercross
2/11/2003 DeHaan Returns Home and Races Toronto Arenacross & More
1/29/2003 Wild Racing in the Czech Republic for Doug DeHaan
1/20/2003 Doug DeHaan Finishes 2nd Overall in the German SX Series
1/15/2003 Doug DeHaan Set for a Showdown this Weekend for German SX Championship
12/6/2002 Doug DeHaan Wins Last Week's German SX Event - Geneva, Switzerland is Next
11/20/2002 Doug DeHaan's German SX Series Update & More
10/11/2002 Doug DeHaan Sets Time Table for Return
8/31/2002 Another Memorable Ride For Doug DeHaan at Binghamton
8/31/2002 Doug DeHaan Answers E-mails
8/2/2002 Doug DeHaan Currently In Third in the 250cc Canadian Nationals
7/13/2002 DeHaan's Regina Update & A Possible Change In Machinery
7/12/2002 Doug DeHaan Answers His E-mail
7/5/2002 Doug DeHaan Having a Decent Start to the 2002 Canadian Nationals
6/5/2002 Doug DeHaan Getting On Track For The Canadian Nationals.
4/6/2002 Doug DeHaan Back In Action
2/16/2002 Doug DeHaan Still Closing In on Ride
2/15/2002 Doug DeHaan Answers Fans E-mail
2/9/2002 Doug DeHaan Talks About His 2002 Plans
2/8/2002 Doug DeHaan Responds to His Fans E-mail
1/9/2002 Doug DeHaan Answers His E-mail
1/4/2002 Doug DeHaan Back To Germany To Finish Series & More
12/19/2001 Doug DeHaan Responds to E-mails
12/19/2001 Doug DeHann Review Of His European Tour So Far
12/3/2001 Doug DeHaan Brief Update From His Greece SX
11/23/2001 Doug DeHaan Riding Well In Europe
11/1/2001 Doug DeHaan Sets His European Schedule
10/30/2001 Doug DeHaan Recap Sheffield, England and the US Open
10/2/2001 Catching Up With Team Blackfoot's Doug DeHaan
8/30/2001 Doug DeHaan is in for Steel City.
8/17/2001 Doug DeHaan Racing Final Round of Canadian MX Series.
8/7/2001 Doug DeHaan Recovering Slowly While Teaching MX
7/29/2001 Doug DeHaan Taking Time Off to Heal Up.
7/21/2001 Doug DeHaan Will Ride at Ulverton but Only One Class
7/19/2001 Doug DeHaan's Official T-Shirt is Now Availible! Get Yours Today
7/13/2001 Doug DeHaan Crashes Hard in Round Five - 125cc East is Next
7/10/2001 Doug DeHaan Podiums at Round Four of the Canadian Nationals
6/26/2001 Doug DeHaan Recaps His Round Three at Regina
6/16/2001 Doug DeHaan Reviews His Ride at the Wastelands
6/5/2001 Doug DeHaan Ready for Round 1 of Canadian MX
5/25/2001 Doug DeHaan's Toronto SX & Race Plans
5/10/2001 Doug DeHaan Misses Las Vegas SX, Prepares for Toronto SX
5/1/2001 Doug DeHaan Putting It Together
4/4/2001 Doug Dehaan Reviews St. Louis SX
3/22/2001 A Few Minutes With Doug DeHaan
3/12/2001 DeHaan Back Up to Speed and in the Main at Daytona
2/23/2001 Doug DeHaan Sets a New Return Date
2/16/2001 Doug DeHaan Knee Recovery Update
2/9/2001 Doug DeHaan To Miss the Indy SX
2/5/2001 Doug DeHaan's New Web Site is On Line.
1/11/2001 Doug DeHaan Avoids Major Injury on an Extreme Get Off at Anaheim
1/6/2001 Doug's Avoids Major Injury on an Extreme Get Off at Anaheim
12/6/2000 Doug's Winter Training Sessions and Testing
11/21/2000 Check Out Doug's Year 2001 MSR Racing Jerseys
11/21/2000 Doug Officially Signs With Blackfoot Honda for 2001
11/21/2000 Doug to Giveaway MSR Jersey (#204)!
8/29/2000 Doug's View of the 2000 250cc Canadian Champ
8/28/2000 DeHaan's Future Races and Team Situation
8/27/2000 Doug Recaps Year 2000 Canadian Nationals
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